June 2010

09 June 2010:

Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:20 PM)Hey, can I ask you a favor?
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:20 PM)Sure.
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:20 PM)What's up?
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:22 PM)Can you please stop violating my inbox with your gigantic e-mails?
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:23 PM)Ha!
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:23 PM)Whats wrong are my files too big? you can't take it?
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:28 PM)Yes, actually your files are quite large and no apparently I cannot take it.
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:29 PM)Aw, Im sorry
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:32 PM)If you go easy on the file size and only use smaller files on me I think I'll be okay.
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:32 PM)alright, ill keep that in mind the next time I have a big package to give to you ;-P
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:35 PM)I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up with the... uh.  What's an antonym for euphemism?
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:35 PM)Huh?
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:37 PM)Dysphemsim, that's it.  I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up with the dysphemisms.
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:38 PM)what do you mean?  we ARE speaking in euphemisms
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:38 PM)Not really.
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:38 PM)*speaking euphemistically
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:40 PM)A euphemism is conveying an inappropriate message disguised in polite language.  So if we were actually talking about you butt raping me and disguising it within the context of e-mailing then we'd be speaking
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:41 PM)Im growing steadily uncomfortable with this conversation
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:41 PM)Dude, relax.  I'm just trying to explain some vocab here.
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:41 PM)But see, since we WEREN'T talking about gay sodomy and were in fact talking about e-mailing but in a completely obscene context it would be the opposite of euphemism.
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:42 PM)oh I see where you're going with this
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:43 PM)So if we HAD been speaking euphemistically we would in fact be discussing myself being ass drilled by you and disguising it as a conversation about e-mail.
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:43 PM)But we were in fact speaking dysphemistically so there's no need for either of us to feel uncomfortable.
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:43 PM)yeah i get it now
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:44 PM)Wouldn't I have made an awesome English teacher?
Timothy K Ryan/EB/GDYN (12:44 PM)no
Matthew J Scully/EB/GDYN (12:45 PMFuck you (dysphemistically).

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