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September 2006
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Coming to Graphic Novel:
04 October 2006!!!
Coming to Graphic Novel:
28 November 2006!!!
Coming to DVD:
19 September 2006!!!
28 September 2006:

Trey Parker: I think I can honestly say it's our favorite show on television of all time.
Matt Stone:  We just walked into the Peabodys and we saw Starbuck and Apollo and Sharon... I don't even know their real names, I was just starstruck.  It's my favorite
TV show!
Trey Parker:  We will make fun of anything.  We will NOT make fun of Battlestar Galactica.  That's NOT cool.  That is not cool to rip on Battlestar Galactica.

Erin: And don't tell me that House didn't look sexy in the fountain
Allison:   yeah. I think I got a little wet myself...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

Christine: Do you have a frisbee?
Me:  I used to.  Then your dog ate it.

Bob:  How come the husband and the son are whoppers but the wife and the daughter aren't?

Bob: "What the hell is wrong with movies today? they're all computer animated and about stupid random stuff.  'Oh, let's make a movie about penguins.'"
Me:  "let's make a movie about forest animals"
Bob:  "let's make a movie about fish"
(Everybody's Hero preview comes on)
Me:  "And this!  This!!! a movie about a talking baseball!"

Dave's Buddy Profile:
School is about to start....yay
ROTC is about to start.....yay.....with a chain of command
EE is about to start....yay....with a multimeter

Sculldog443: "mr spock is crying"
Kolibri2005: "who the fuck is mr spock?"

Amanda:"I really wish my horse shat money.  I'd be rich."