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January 2006
08 January 2006:

Ahhhh... the pleasures of vacation!

Basically, I've been devoting the last few weeks to studying my text books before the onslaught of the spring term begins!  Of course, I've been taking time out for the holidays and the weekends when I can get together with my friends and have fun.  Yesterday, I went skiing in Northwest Connecticut with Amanda and her friends.  It was good to get some fresh mountain air and exercise.  Hopefully next week I'll be able to get some horseback riding or something in.

Other than that, Christmas was good - I got to see just about all of my family in the New England area.  My Aunt Jane is moving back to Connecticut in May and I'm looking forward to seeing her again.  My dad made it back from Puerto Rico alright and gave me $200 worth of Shell gasoline gift cards for Christmas.  Score!  I know, I'm strange.  I spent New Years with my friends and Amanda, who was the only person who could beat me in DDR!

So I'm breathing easy for a while and trying to organize my last 21 credits of classes into a cohesive graduation plan and a semester from Hell!  But I figure if I can get a serious jump start on the material now, the semester should be tolerable.  Hopefully, I won't have too many more gray hairs come summer.
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14 March 2006!!!
30 January 2006:

A new entry just in time for the new month!

Okay, so here's the situation:  basically, in a month's time, it is very unlikely that I will be in the Air Force anymore.  This is due to a lot of things - some of them my fault, some of them unavoidable.  Regardless, I have serious doubts that I will look back on the past four and a half years as time wasted.  The honest truth is that it helped me grow as a person in many ways and gave me stronger character.  What I don't particularly like is what it's taken from me and what it will continue to take from me if I commission as an officer. 
But disenrollment has a lot of benefits, not the least of which is spending more time with Amanda.  Not to mention the fact that I can focus a lot more time and energy on my school work these last two semesters.  The plan is to hammer out a solid 3.0 this term in spite of the fact that I'm taking 18 credits, all of which are engineering classes.  Then, apply for a full-time job over the summer and finish my last class in the fall.  I've been thinking a lot about what I might do with a degree in electrical engineering in a life in the civilian world and I think that I would really like to work in a recording studio doing recordings and such.  I talked to one guy in my Digital Networking Systems class about it and he really sold me on the idea.  After all, Audio/Video is pretty much my favorite hobby already, so I think that I'd really enjoy that kind of work.  I suppose only time will tell...