Thursday, 17 December 2009:

It's been almost a year since my last update.  Since then, I've moved, I've traveled all over the country, I bought my own home, I applied to graduate school (still waiting to hear back), and have begun dabbling in the world of High Definition.  I also managed to complete work on a new Digimon torrent mostly while I was working at Navy Base Kitsap in Washington state.  I worked all night and slept all day while my laptop chugged away turning out encodes of the first four seasons of Digimon English Version.   I began this project earlier this year by purchasing bootleg DVDs of the English Version.  Basically, these DVDs had the video tracks of the Japanese DVD releases edited to synch up with the audio recorded from television recordings of the English Version.  As a result, the video looks great although the audio isn't quite up to an equal standard of excellence.  Usually, it's barely noticeable except for the first few episodes of the Battle for Both Worlds in Season 2.  Since these episodes haven't been aired since Disney bought the rights the audio is demultiplexed right off of the old 45 MB encodes from 2001.  These bootleg DVDs also didn't feature the prologues that recapped the previous episode or the original English Version openings.  Instead, they cut together their own versions of the opening sequences using video from the series.  Some of them were close approximations of the original English Version openings and I included them in the Extras directories.
So the bootlegs weren't perfect but they gave me a place to start.  Using my own original recordings, I filled in most of the gaps with my own material.  This included almost all of the episode recaps as well as the original English Version opening and closing sequences.  I also included material pertaining to the "Hightonview Terrace terrorist attack" that was cut out after September 11th.  It's noticeably grainy since I didn't have cable TV at the time I made the recording but I think it works well.  The first 13 episodes of Season 1 I ripped right off of my official FOX Kids DVD release that I bought at a local Toys 'R Us in 2000.  The DVD goes for something like $75 on now.  I also included re-encoded copies of my Motion Picture videos.  Conspicuously absent from this torrent are Season 5 and the 2000 movie.  Unlike the Season 1 DVD that included the first 13 episodes, the 2000 movie DVD is still widely available.  In addition, the first 13 episodes of Season 5 have recently become available on DVD as well.  I know that this release is not a bootleg because I bought mine at Best Buy (only because I had a gift card).  I encourage fans to buy the DVDs in order to persuade the people who make such decisions to release the rest of the series and not let history repeat itself.
So that's the story behind the new Digimon torrent that I've made available on this site.  The torrent is avaialbe in the "Torrents" section.  Actually, it's currently the ONLY torrent available on this site.  Please seed the torrent for as long as you can since I am pretty much doing this on my own.  My laptop will be on all day to seed but please realize that it will take time to establish a large base of seeders especially now that my internet services is a lot slower than it used to be.  So if you don't get a download right away please don't flood me with a thousand "Please Seed" messages.  Just be patient.  It's been a while since I've been on IRC but I might try to find a channel there for serving my Digimon encodes as well.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them my way.
Again, I apologize for taking so long to update this site.  Being an adult and a working professional pays well (very well, actually) but leaves very little time for giving back to the online community.

P.S.  To be honest, I'm rather suprised to be getting requests for more Digimon ten years after the series debuted in this country.  I still think there's no reason why the whole series of the English Version shouldn't be released on DVD.  But until it is... keep seeding!

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