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June 2005
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01 June 2005:

Chevelle - This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us in)

Keep in mind that this is the first Chevelle album that I've ever bothered to purchase. That being said, I found the singles "The Clincher" and "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" to be quite good lyrically and melodically. Just in case you haven't had access to a radio in the past year, "Vitamin R" is a clever song about Ritalin abuse with some haunting backup vocals that really give this tune a life of us it's own. "The Clincher" is a powerful song in every way about claustrophobia and the fear of being buried alive.
But aside from those radio hit singles, not much else in this album stood out to me. Chevelle writes some great lyrics and can pump out some moody tunes, but I thought that the album became pretty bland about halfway through. After the first three tracks, I honestly couldn't tell one song from another unless I really tried to focus. Peter Chevelle's vocals became much like the drone of one of my professors in a two-hour lecture. Two exceptions were "Tug-O-War" and "Breach Birth", which brought me back into the album for a few minutes.
The DVD portion of this album consists of the album encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1, interviews with the band members, and a remix of "The Clincher" called "(Version 103)". I was disappointed that there were no music videos.
01 June 2005:

Full Metal Panic? - Fumoffu is taken right from the pages of the original manga that made this franchise a hit!  Unlike the original Full Metal Panic!, Fumoffu is a light romantic comedy with no mecha in sight (unless you count the Bonta-Kun outfit).  Even so, this series is packed with enough of the serious sergeant's antics that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.
The downside, as with all ADV releases, is that you don't get many episodes for your buck (there are only 3 on the first DVD).  The only special features are the design sketches and some background information on the scenes and episodes that weren't included in the original television airing in Japan but are included in the DVD.
Even so, this is a great series that you can watch shamelessly with people who aren't into anime at all. 
15 June 2005:


Elektra is a film for Marvel fans.  You don't watch this film for Jessica Garner's acting abilities or lack thereof.  You watch it for cool special effects and fight scenes and this movie does have some good ones.  But the characters are just too obnoxious to give a damn about and the plot is far too simplistic at best.  Don't expect any X-MEN-quality story here.  The whole thing is pretty much baby-fed to you by the opening narration.  The dialogue is practically a farce in and of itself.