09 December 2005:

I actually started watching videos again!

GUNDAM SEED: Destiny - Phase 50:  Final Strength

The Eternal and Archangel begin their attack on ZAFT's space fortress Messiah while ZAFT moves Requiem's Station 2 in place to annihilate the island nation of Orb.  Meanwhile, Kira and Athrun do battle against Rey and Shinn in their mobile suits.  With ZAFT forces closing in on their flank and Messiah's Neo Genesis superweapon recharging at their vanguard, the Eternal and Archangel find themselves cornered.  Yzak and Dearka both decide to defend the Eternal, effectively defecting from ZAFT.  The Archangel and Athrun make an assault on the Requiem itself.  Shinn is in pursuit.
After Kira activates his SEED, he has a newtype reaction from being in such close proximity to Rey.  Having not experienced this since the battle of Jachin Due, he demands that the pilot of the Legend identify himself.  Rey responds, "You should know who it is.  I am... Rau le Crusset!"
Lunamaria engages Athrun in the Impulse.  Athrun defends himself, trying to disable Impulse without hurting Lunamaria.  But Shinn arrives and, after seeing him battle Lunamaria, activates his SEED and attacks Athrun. 
Rey continues to do battle against Kira saying, "People's hopes... people's dreams... and their splendid result, Kira Yamato!  This time you need to disappear for certain, together with us!  For the sake of this world, which is about to be reborn!"  Rey believes, from the words of the chairman, that his destiny and le Crusset's are the same.
Kira is in disbelief, "It can't be!  Why are you... why are you here once again?"
Repeating the words of the chairman, Rey responds, "Something that you can't escape.  That's what we are.  And something that you can't understand.  That's what others are.  That's why I will put an end to it all and return people and the world to their correct appearance!"
"That's wrong!" shouts Kira.  "There is only one life to each of us.  That's why this life is yours!  It's not his!"  With that, Kira cripples the Legend.
Athrun tells Shinn to stop fighting while he's being possessed by his past.  "Even if you do that, you won't regain anything!  And yet, are you really trying to destroy the future too?  Is that the power that you wanted?"
Enraged, Shinn charges Athrun but Lunamaria gets between them, pleading with Shinn to stop.  Filled with uncontrollable rage, Shinn nearly kills Lunamaria.  However, Athrun activates his SEED and blocks Shinn just in time shouting, "You moron!"  Athrun wrecks the Destiny and it smashes into the lunar surface.
The Archangel scores a direct hit on the Minerva's dorsal section and Athrun takes out its engines, causing it to crash on the moon.  Still alive, but with his mobile suit crippled, Rey limps back to Messiah.  Kira attaches to the Meteor as the Strike Freedom and the Eternal prepare to attack Messiah.  Just then, Messiah fires another volley from the Neo Genesis.  It misses most of the Orb spacefleet.  But everyone watches in horror as it decimates many ZAFT ships to the rear.
Requiem is also powering up to fire on Orb as Athrun and Mu both head in to destroy it.  Just before it can fire, Athrun and Mu penetrate the shield and destroy Requiem's positron cannon.  Unconcious, Shinn has a vision of Stellar where she tells him that she will see him tomorrow.  Shinn awakens on the lunar surface in Lunamaria's arms.  He looks over at the conflaguration on the horizon and asks what it is.  Lunamaria tells him that it's Requiem and that they were unable to defeat Orb. 
The fleet begins its assault on Messiah, tearing the space fortress apart.  Shinn breaks down in tears.  Captain Gladys takes a shuttle from her crippled ship to the Messiah.
Kira boards Messiah to confront Chairman Dillundil.  When he encounters him, he pulls a gun on the PLANT chairman who pulls a gun on Kira as well.  He warns Kira, "If you shoot me, the world will descend into chaos again."
Kira responds, "We will be able to prevent that, so long as we're allowed to live in a world where we can choose."
The chairman retorts that nobody will ever be able to make such a choice.  That people will forget and repeat the same mistakes again.  Because in the end, people don't understand anything.  Just then, Rey stumbles into the room without Kira noticing.
"But we do understand.  That we can understand eachother and change.  That's why we want a future.  We don't want an unchanging world, no matter how painful it may be," says Kira.  Just then, Gladys enters the room as well.
"But between the world you speak of and the world I believe in, I wonder which one people truely desire.  What will you do with the chaotic world once you've killed me?" asks the chairman.
"I am prepared for that,"  says Kira.  Gladys and Rey both pull their guns.  "I will fight."
Just then a shot rings out and the chairman falls to the floor.  Rey has shot him.
Sobbing, Rey tells the chairman, "Gil, I'm sorry.  But he... wishes for a future."
As the fortress explodes all around them, Gladys tells Kira that she will stay with Rey and the chairman.  Kira leaves aboard the Strike Freedom.  Gladys holds the dying chairman and calls Rey over, telling him that she was proud of him and that everything would be okay.  In her embrace, Rey mumbles, "Mo... ther..."  Just then the room is engulfed in flames and the giant space fortress crashes into the moon.
December 2005
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