September 2005
03 September 2005:

Red Eye
Motion Picture

This movie was hilarious!  But, I don't think it was meant to be that way.  I think that it was intended to be a suspense thriller.  Except that it wasn't.  It was just funny to watch.  Go see this if you feel like making yourself feel better by watching a complete piece of Hollywood garbage.  I give this movie five Brown Eyes!

GUNDAM SEED Destiny - Phase 45: Prelude to Revolution

ZAFT launches an all out attack on Requiem while the PLANTs are evacuated.  The Minerva is to conduct a direct attack on the superweapon.  Yzak leads the ZAFT forces to destroy Fourier, one of the colonies being used to reflect Requiem's super laser.  As Rey, Shinn, and Lunamaria prepare to do battle once again, it has become apparent that Shinn and Lunamaria have grown very close to one another.  Shinn and Rey distract Requiem's defense forces in the Destiny and Legend while Lunamaria sneaks in to destroy the weapon.  Realizing that Requiem is about to fall to the Minerva and its forces, Djibril orders the Requiem to fire at the PLANTs once more while he escapes.  However, Lunamaria is able to destroy the weapon before it can fire.  Rey is also able to shoot down Djibril's escape vessel, killing the leader of Blue Cosmos.
On Earth, the Archangel prepares to launch.  Cagalli entrusts her mobile suit to Mwu/Neo and gives a speech to the crew of the Archangel, asking them to protect the freedom of Orb and of the entire human race by defeating Dillundil's plans.  Before she leaves, Cagalli asks Meriyn to take care of Athrun for her in her absence.
Coming 18 Oct!
10 September 2005:

Motion Picture

A very powerful film!  I think it accurately described the human condition: that we all have moments of strength and weakness, ignorance and wisdom, heroism and cowardice.  But how we affect the lives of others is ultimately all that we leave behind.

Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex:  Volume 07

Section 9 has been disbanded and its members have been targeted for arrest by the government.  I'm so confused.  I'm gonna have to watch this series from the beginning again!

GUNDAM SEED Destiny - Phase 46

The Archangel lands at the lunar city of Copernicus.  While doing some shopping, Kira, Lacus, Athrun, and Meriyn get a note from Meer's Haro saying that she's afraid for her life.  Aware that it's a trap, the group goes anyway at Lacus' urging to try and convince Meer to leave Chairman Dillundil.  When they arrive, Dillundil's forces open fire but they're no match for the young warriors.  At first, Meer rejects the notion of going with them, insisting that she is the real Lacus.  But Lacus' kind words eventually win her over and she decides to go back with them.
Just then, one of Dillundil's guards, who managed to survive, takes aim at Lacus.  Meer shoves Lacus out of the way and ends up getting shot herself.  Meer dies in her idol's arms.
15 September 2005

Full Metal Panic? - Fumoffu:  Volume 3 - Full Metal Fervor!

Bring it on!  Sport is war.  At least, that's the attitude Sousuke takes when he and Kaname get enlisted to help Jindai High's flagging, pacifist rugby team.  Against Kaname's will, Sousuke decides to bring the spineless squad up to speed with a little over-the-top, all-out-hilarious "basic training".

And while school may be in session for Sousuke and Kaname, vacation has just started for Tessa.  Her destination: Jindai High... and a nearby hot spring!  Mao and Kurz are there to provide backup for Tessa, but it may be Sousuke who needs it!  Tessa has her sights set on him, and nothing - not even Kaname - is gonna stop her!

Sports, skirmishes, slapstick, and skin - it's all here in the third pulse-pounding volume of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!

GUNDAM SEED Special Edition Volume 2 - The Far-Away Dawn

The Struggle to Survive!

The battle lines have been drawn, placing old friends Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala on opposing sides in the war.  As the only one able to defend his friends on board the Archangel, Kira is forced over and over again to battle the ZAFT forces in his Strike GUNDAM.

Chased to the neutral nation or Orb, the Archangel makes repairs in secret.  But ZAFT has followed them their (oops), and the resulting battle will mark a turning point in the lives of Kira and Athrun.  And ZAFT launches Operation Spit Break, a major offensive designed to end the war once and for all.  Can anyone stop it?

28 September 2005

GUNDAM SEED Destiny - Phase 47: Meer

Meer's body is brought aboard the Archangel and the crew pays honor.  Lacus puts the disc found in Meer's purse into the computer.  It's a digital diary chronicling Meer's experiences beginning with her cosmetic surgery to look like Lacus.  In it, she reveals her desire to do her best for PLANT and ZAFT troops in Lacus's absence.  Even though her speeches are written for her and her identity is a sham, she still feels as if her songs and her words are helping to move the world towards peace.  The Archangel crew gives Meer a burial in space.
From his space fortress, Messiah, Chairman Dillundil announces to the world that now that Logos has been defeated, the only road to true peace is the Destiny Plan.

GUNDAM SEED Destiny - Phase 48: To A New World

Chairman Dillundil outlines the Destiny Plan:  A system of computers will analyze each and every persons genome to determine their personality, preferences, and ability.  They will then assign the individual a role in society based on the result.  He claims that this system will eliminate human ignorance and ambitions, thus ending all conflicts.
Shinn appears to have doubts about the Chairman's Destiny Plan.  But Rey tells him that it's the only way to end all wars and that Shinn was chosen to pilot the GUNDAM Destiny because he so strongly wished for such a world.  Rey becomes very agitated and reaches for a container of blue and green pills - the same pills that Rau le Cruset once took.
Due to the ravages of the war and the recent Logos hunt, the governments of Earth are in no position to resist Dillundil - except for Orb.  Cagalli announces to the world her nation's intentions to resist the Destiny Plan.  Meanwhile, the Atlantic Federation's remaining space forces launch from the Arzachel base on the Moon.  In response, Dillundil reactivates Requiem and fires it at Arzachel, wiping out the Atlantic Federation's fleet, the base, and their president.
Rey apologizes to Shinn for overreacting earlier, telling him to believe in the Chairman no matter what.  He also reveals that he doesn't have much time left to live.  He ages too quickly because of a lack of telomeres... due to the fact that he's a clone.
Dillundil summons Rey, Shinn and their GUNDAMs to Messiah.  Meanwhile, the Archangel, the Eternal, the Orb space fleet, and Clyne Faction's fleet all launch to stage a final attack against Dillundil.

GUNDAM SEED Destiny - Phase 49: Rey

The Archangel and the Eternal head to destroy the first relay point in the Requiem's firing system while the rest of the fleet attacks Requiem's control system directly before they can fire it again.  ZAFT forces are deployed to defend the station, including Yzak's ship, Voltaire.  Lacus beseeches the ZAFT forces to stand down, saying that they must not lay down their lives to protect a meaningless weapon of mass destruction.  The ZAFT forces hesitate at first, but then revert to their training and a huge space battle ensues. 
Dillundil meets with Shinn and Rey aboard Messiah.  Rey pledges his support to the Chairman, saying that the Destiny Plan is necessary for humanity to live in peace.  But Shinn is still unsure.  He thinks back to the conversation that he and Rey had aboard the Minerva, when Rey revealed that he was a clone.  Like Kira, Rey was created from the funds of a person pursuing a dream.  He has no parents and no idea why he was created.  However, he does not consider his rapidly aging body a splendid result in the advancement of science.  He said that there was another like him and that his "brother" cursed this fate, and died trying to destroy the world.  He believes in the Destiny Plan because it won't ever again allow children like him, le Cruset, and Kira to be created as weapons. 
Shinn pledges his allegiance to the Chairman.
Yzak and Dearka both launch in their mobile suits after learning that Kira and Athrun are in the thick of the battle.  Captain Gladys is also having doubts about fighting for the Destiny Plan, but decides to engage the Archangel anyway.  She targets the ship with the Tannhauser, but the beam is intercepted by Neo/Mwu in the GUNDAM Akatsgi before it can destroy the Archangel.  His determination to protect the ship allows him to recall his memories prior to the Battle of Jachin Due.
Yzak and Dearka both come to aid Athrun and Kira - effectively defecting from ZAFT.  They fly cover for the Strike-Freedom and the Infinite Justice while they destroy the relay station.  For the first time, the four surviving members of the original GUNDAM pilots find themselves fighting side by side.
Before they can get to the Requiem's control center, the space fortress Messiah appears, firing a GENESIS superweapon at the fleet.  Destiny and Legend both launch to do battle against the Freedom and Justice.  As Rey engages the Freedom he mutters to himself, "Kira Yamato, I will never forgive your existence."