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Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Safe Return
July 2005
Real Men Wear Flight Suits!
04 July 2005:

Batman Begins

It was awesome!  I wish I could have seen it in the IMAX!  Curses!  Liam Neeson was friggin awesome!  Too bad the guy who played Bruce Wayne was more retarded than American television programming.   Heheh... where was I?  Oh, yeah!  TV sucks!
12 July 2005:

Full Metal Panic? - Fumoffu
Volume #2 - Full Metal Fracas!

Initiation successful!  She wants more Sousuke!  And who the Hell could blame her?  This series is even better dubbed, as if that were at all possible!  Most dubbed anime dramas end up sucking with teeth because they usually try too hard to bury any or all Japanese elements in the series making it retarded.  Or it's just too damned Japanese and you don't understand much of anything unless you happened to grow up at Yakota Air Base.  This series is close to perfect.  I say close because, like many lesser series, they insist on replacing Japanese suffixes with their English translations.  Which is fine, except when the context is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!  We were joking that if I was on a date with some girl and she called me "Senior Matthew" (as opposed to Matthew-Sempai) I would pull out a hickory stick and beat the daylights out of the insolent little girl.
Ummmm.... where the Hell was I (again)?   Ugghghghgh.... freaking tangents.  Oh, yes!  This series continues to rock hardcore and never trust free online Japanese-to-English translation pages 'cuz they're almost ALWAYS wrong!  I spent an entire month thinking that this one word meant "Beloved" when it actually meant "Sex Candy".  Boy, was that embarrassing!  Wait, am I writing in "Reviews" or "Blogs"?  Nah, whatever.  I'm not really paying attention anymore anyway.  I just keep hitting "Publish" and never really remember what the Hell I'm writing.  But whatever it is it must be good because I'm developing a loyal following in Texas of all places!  Kick ass!
24 July 2005:


Me:Tickets for the 7:30 showing of Bewitched, please.
Ticket Lady:Just one?
Me:Ha ha haaaaaaaa... no.  She's out in the car putting pants on.

A cute movie that was fun to watch.  Since we had both already seen Batman, there wasn't really anything that I wanted to see.  Emmy really thought that I wanted to see War of the Worlds and that I was being a martyr by watching a "girlie film" and felt kinda guilty.  But, honestly, I had no desire to see War of the Worlds.  In my exact words to her, "Did you ever see A.I., the last sci-fi movie that Spielberg crapped out?  I'm paying, and I say that we're going to watch the movie that YOU want to see and THAT'S FINAL!"  Everybody was looking at us funnily. 
But about the movie - My favorite moments were when Alex Trebek and James Lipton were in the film.  However, as usual, I was the only one in the theater laughing.  And it was just a fun movie to go see.  Definitely a great movie-going experience!  I give it five bags of delicious movie theater popcorn!